Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Our Trip to Israel- Tel Aviv & Hostels

Wednesday, March 1st

We spent today in Tel Aviv! I fly out of Israel at 5:30 AM tomorrow morning, so instead of traveling to the airport in the middle of the night from Jerusalem, we decided to spend today in Tel Aviv so we were close to the airport and could go to the airport from here.

I wrote this post from a communal kitchen and bar in a Hostel (never thought I would say that :) It is a neat experience and is bringing out my inner hippie side. We needed a place to store my luggage for the day while we toured Tel Aviv, and a place with WiFi until midnight so Matt could work and I could write before we left for the airport. For $20/night, this seemed like the perfect place. We used the luggage lockers and stayed in the lounge until we left for the airport.  Artsy, unique, full of people of all ages and ethnicities, extremely crunchy, described as having "good vibes," with the inscribed motto reading "Come as you are"- It is quite the place.

Here are a few pictures from our walk around Tel Aviv...

View from the bus window, on the bus ride to Tel Aviv.
This picture does no justice to the view!

Notice the infant car seat in the passenger seat.
This seems quite common. I'm not sure, but I don't think there are any rules about car seats.

First view of Tel Aviv from the bus. 

A beautiful building at the entrance to Ha-Carmel Market

Ha-Carmel Market

First glimpse of the Mediterranean Sea!

The problem with a mere picture of a sight is that it cannot communicate the scents, sounds and feelings of the place to the observer of the photograph. The salty air, the fresh breeze, the sound of birds-
this place was breathtaking after being in the city.
God is such a good Creator, and His creations are beautiful. 

Looking back at Tel Aviv from the beach. 

Old Jaffa in the distance. 

Looking back at Tel Aviv as we walked along the beach toward Old Jaffa.

The color of the water was crystal clear turquoise.

Walking around in Old Jaffa

A beautiful restaurant overlooking the sea. 

Apparently, today was the day to be married.
We saw about 7 brides and a few teenage girls in formal dresses during our walk around Old Jaffa.
 It was strange the weddings were today, because it is in the middle of the week.
It is a beautiful place for pictures!

The Jaffa Clock Tower.
We ate lunch just beside it. 

We also walked through the Jaffa Flea Market.
There were several stalls selling beautiful rugs!

These animal statues reminded me of Annie & Clara.
They would have loved them! 

This is probably my favorite picture from today.
I love the people of Israel.
This was a portrait of one of the vendors quietly working on a rug. 

These were the scariest dolls I think I have ever seen.
One of them was 1800 NIS. 

We took a different route from Jaffa back to Tel Aviv,
through one of the famous artsy neighborhoods.

I love the plants on the rooftops. 

The display of ice cream in Israel is like nothing I have ever seen before!
Whenever we pass an ice cream shop, we just stop and stare.
Last night, we enjoyed a scoop of Chocolate Flakes on Ben Yehuda St.,
and this afternoon, we choose Belgian chocolate.
The size of the serving cups are extremely small compared to US dessert sizes,
but even with Matt & I sharing the smallest size, we couldn't have eaten more than that.
It is so rich and delicious.
And if anyone ever would have the chance to try some, I would definitely recommend chocolate!

The outside of the ice cream shop. 

Walking back through Tel Aviv.
Some of the buildings were so elegant. 

The display of fruit makes you want to eat all of it :)
So, that was our day in Tel Aviv.
Early in the morning I fly back to the States and get to see my sweet girls!

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