Ever since I was a child, I have been keeping journals. Those first entries were more like daily logs of life, scattered with random question marks and comments about having to take a nap because my brother and I were fighting over a toy. But as I grew older, my journals began to be filled with deeper issues- struggles I faced, prayers I had prayed, special moments I wanted to remember forever. Eventually, journaling became a way for me to renew my thoughts with Truth. Whenever I find my mind being overtaken with sin, writing down my thoughts and feelings and then combating them with Scripture helps me to see my fleshly way of thinking contrasted with God's Truth. It gives me a visual picture of the contrast in my mind and helps me have specific Truths to fight my sin with and think more clearly and eternally.

Throughout the last few years, I have seen the beauty that comes when believers are honest about sin and seek to encourage one another. There is more unity (in realizing you aren't the only one who struggles with that sin), more comfort and support (especially in prayer and accountability), and more praise to God for times of victory and answered prayers!

So this blog is a glimpse into my journals, entries from the past and entries I've written recently. I hope that by sharing, others are encouraged and Jesus is glorified.

I have also recently started a series of "Dearest Sister" posts, written for my sisters (and other girls in high school and college), sharing with them things God has taught me and praying they will be encouraged in their walk with Him.

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